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More Background

February 11, 2010

The Reformed Fundamentalist Does an excellent job in presenting the background I came from in the Independent Fundamental World.

He adheres to Reformed Theology, which I don’t (Just had to throw that disclosure in. πŸ˜‰ ) But despite that, he does an excellent job in describing what’s wrong with the IFB movement in a graceful and kind way.

Like him, I don’t hate individual’s who are involved in the IFB movement. If fact, I am more “IFB” than the Reformed Fundamentalist. But I am more like him than a “true” IFB.

One day I was praying and asking God why he put me in the middle of all of this silliness that is found in the the IFB world. The Lord answered so gracefully, “So I could save you”.

It was a preparation ground to make me ready to see Him, and not the externals. So I am not bitter or angry with the IFB movement. But I am disgusted that it distracts from the simplicity of the Gospel, and I am annoyed at times that individual’s put qualifications on me, and not accept me as Jesus has. At times that hurts.

And I am also aggravated that the movement is so works oriented and present the gospel so badly that there are more false converts thinking that they are OK with God because they went forward in a Church service and “prayed to God”.

Without further ado, please read The Reformed Fundamentalist’s “Story” here and get a better picture of what I went through. His thought processes during that time is so much like mine it is uncanny.

The God I Never Knew Part I
The God I Never Knew Part II

Ps. I made the references that I don’t adhere to reformed theology. There is a very good reason why I don’t. In fact it’s a big part of my own testimony. Which I may blog about in the future.

But… like with the IFB’s there are many good things about reformed theology, and I won’t judge a person’s salvation unless they deny the gospel. Meaning that the Death Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the *ONLY* thing that pleases God. Not good works. Not living the Christian life, etc. And the only thing that qualifies one to receive salvation is the naked trust in what Jesus did for them. And that’s where reformed and evangelicals begin to differ. πŸ˜‰

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