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About Erica

Erica is a young woman who wants to write, vent and share with the world her thoughts about her search for the Lord amongst the chaos of legalism. Specifically her brand of legalism being Independent, fundamental Baptist

Her searching for the Lord began when she was around 10 or 11 years of age. God became more than a thought at meal time when she prayed for her food. He became someone *real* who she desperately wanted to know.

It all started when she got a magazine for Christian young ladies. These young ladies had a zeal for the Lord that she had never seen. She wanted what they seemingly had. She began to soak up those magazines, and tried to implement what she had learned from those magazines.

Erica was raised by a born again mom and dad, who truly loved her, and wanted what was best for her. She felt safe and secure in her home, knowing she was always loved and supported.

Erica, read her Bible, but only because it was her duty to be a good Christian…she was hoping to grow. But frankly she read more books and magazines about how to be a good Christian than the Bible.

In her 13th year, Erica’s family, after being out church for over a year…visited a small Independent Fundamental Baptist Church…. and life for Erica would never be the same. When Erica graduated highschool she went on to an Independent Baptist Bible College, where she met her husband. She graduated from Bible College with an associates degree….

But something was very, very wrong. Despite Erica’s “perfect happy Christian life”, Erica was very depressed. VERY depressed. And unknown to her at the time, she began to search. Really search for the truth.

Come along and read about her journey…and sprinkled with her thoughts on the Bible and issues that seem to be dear to Independent Baptists.

Through this journey, Erica has found her security in Jesus Christ, and wants others out there who are struggling with their beliefs or “faith”, to be encouraged. Jesus is real…not a religion or a set of principles and standards. But a real live person who wants people to know *HIM*.

Erica is still a Christian. (a word found in the Bible) In fact, Erica became a true Christian because of this journey. She had missed the point while steeped in religion. Erica wants to encourage those who are steeped in religion to become a real, true believer in Jesus Christ, and stop using their sets of morals, standards, and church background as their foundation in life.

Afterall Jesus said,

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Jesus didn’t say,
Jesus saith unto him, The Baptists know the way, hold the truth, and will lead to life. No man can be saved unless he hears an Independent Fundamental Baptist preach.

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